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Clinical Case Studies

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Cases We've Treated

Case #1 - Low Back Pain and DDD

Emily is a 40 year old bank teller who spends most of her day sitting at a desk. As a result, she began to experience low back pain caused by Degenerative Disc Disease. After receiving chiropractic treatment, Emily is pain-free and has the tools to manage her condition.

Case #2 - Sciatica and Disc Protrusion

Alden is a 32 year old businessman who enjoyed golf on the weekends until he found himself unable to sit, stand or walk without pain in his lower body. Chiropractic care immediately reduced his pain and enabled him to become pain-free without the use of drugs.

Case #3 - Pregnancy and Back Pain

Janice experienced back pain that typically comes with the weight and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. Through specialized chiropractic care, she was able to have a smooth and successful pregnancy, including the natural delivery of her 8 lb baby girl

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