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I want to prepare myself for a smooth pregnancy, is chiropractic right for me?


Pregnancy increases loading on not just the heart / lungs and other organs, but also the joints and muscles supporting the spine. With increasing weight and weight shift, there is increased demand on the spine. In fact, 80% of pregnant women suffer from back pain due to various reasons. Hormonal changes can cause loosened ligaments which can lead to sacroiliac joint sprains and hip and lower back muscle strains. The upper back and neck can also be affected by postural changes such as slouching.

Chiropractic treatments during pregnancy are safe, effective and has no side effects as opposed to drugs. Chiropractic adjustments can help maintain the stability as well as the flexibility of the spine during pregnancy. A normalized nervous system can also have a direct effect on the healthy growth of the fetus. Furthermore, regular spinal adjustments during pregnancy helps optimize the mobility of the spine and pelvic joints, which would facilitate a smooth delivery process.

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